Jellyfish Make the Perfect Pet

On March 16, 2012 By

If you’re looking for a pet, but find that dogs to require too much effort and sea monkeys don’t have enough of an edge, then jellyfish may make the perfect pet.  Jellyfish Arts created a specialized tank that maintains water flow to keep jellyfish in the middle, […]


Whisky Blender is an online store based in Scotland that provides a simple way for you to craft your own custom whisky blend using up to seven different single malts.  Once you’ve finalized your blend, you can name it so that it’s easy to reorder or, if necessary, tweak.



One of my favorite museums, The International Center of Photography, is offering walking tours of Weegee’s gritty New York City, called Weegee’s Night Walks, every Friday night in March from 8PM to midnight.  Weegee is the great photojournalist who is best known for More