I found Jeff Mauro’s “Deconstructed Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich” recipe intriguing, but wanted a low cholesterol eggplant parmesan sandwich that was easier to make.  Here is my quite tasty take on a low cholesterol eggplant parmesan sandwich.

Low Cholesterol Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich Ingredients

The following are all the ingredients […]


Sally Reed’s Best Vegetarian Chili

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This best vegetarian chili recipe was passed from someone to my Mom, Sally Reed, who passed it on to me.  The vegetarian chili recipe has a meat option which you can cook in the pot or on the side, which is what I do.  The secret of the recipe is to […]


Awful Awful Milkshake Recipe

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I remember visiting Newport Creamery as a kid in Barrington, Rhode Island and drinking their Awful Awfuls.  They were called that because they were “awful big, awful delicious”, or something like that.  If you drank 3, you’d get a fourth one free.

The original recipe from the 1950s calls for:

6 oz of Grade A […]


Whisky Blender is an online store based in Scotland that provides a simple way for you to craft your own custom whisky blend using up to seven different single malts.  Once you’ve finalized your blend, you can name it so that it’s easy […]


This list of 10 common cooking mistakes is a great summary of simple errors we all make when cooking or baking.  Cooking Tips and Cooking Questions Answered – Cooking Light.



How To Make a Proper Old Fashioned

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Fascinating and opinionated web site focused on one thing: how to make a proper Old Fashioned.  Author Martin Doudoroff believes that a lot of “bad ideas” have corrupted the modern drink.

Old Fashioned Recipe

Follow the easy original recipe to make an […]


Sad to see that one of the first high-end pastry shops in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn is closing.  The note posted on her front door announces that she’s consolidating her Brooklyn operations at her Park Slope store.

I don’t know the full story yet behind the closing, but More

The descriptions of these cocktails on this 1940s cocktail menu don’t indicate what they were made with, but coconut and pineapple indicate that the ingredients included rum.  The Fog Cutter, Monkey Business, Daiquiri are all rum drinks.  Rum drinks became popular during the early 40s because due to war-time shortages, most liquors were […]


Cocktail Diagrams Poster

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This limited edition print breaks down 68 mixed drinks into their constituent parts. Follow the lines in this mother-of-all-liquor-related-diagrams for the recipes of your favorite cocktails.  Titled “Constitutions of Classic Cocktails”, the 27″ x 39″ poster identifies the mixers, garnishes, spirits and […]


Posting a link to a great story on a coffee enthusiast’s mission to help Japanese recovery workers and tsunami survivors.  Read more about Yoshi Masuda’s mission and HOPE Cafe here.

Yoshi’s Blend from […]