Pepperoni Pizza Sweatshirt

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This pepperoni pizza sweatshirt looks like it’ll be hot inside and out! As seen on Craphound.


One of my favorite museums, The International Center of Photography, is offering walking tours of Weegee’s gritty New York City, called Weegee’s Night Walks, every Friday night in March from 8PM to midnight.  Weegee is the great photojournalist who is best known for More

For 12 bucks, Build-A-Head will print and ship an oversized 12″x17″ face sign using your photo. They suggest that this could be used for team fundraising, political campaigns, parties, and marathons.

The real winner is the Huge Big Face Cutout. Dig deep for this 3-foot monster: the Huge […]


If you have some spare cash, some really awful fallen-celebrity-inspired artwork can be yours. Well, actually, it can’t, because some jackass already bought it from Jean-Michel Basquiat Domingo Zapata for $100,000.

(via Animal NY)


One of my ongoing projects is reducing my cable TV bill.  I receive my internet and television service from my cable provider, and pay extra for high-definition channels but otherwise do not receive subscription channels like HBO, Showtime or sports. For this service, I pay about $140 a month but really only watch a couple […]


Sad to see that one of the first high-end pastry shops in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn is closing.  The note posted on her front door announces that she’s consolidating her Brooklyn operations at her Park Slope store.

I don’t know the full story yet behind the closing, but several More

What an incredible full-back and sleeves tattoo of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The owner is Taiwanese and had the work done over 3 months.  (via Daily Mail)


Lost Art of the Perfect Cocktail

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This “old timer” wrote a neat letter to the editor written after the end of Prohibition on the lost art of mixed drinks. Besides the writer’s preference for a martini shaken “until it poured out white”, I especially enjoyed the outrage at mixed drinks for a quarter and only […]